Tucker Carlson on impeachment #2

Tucker Carlson on impeachment #2. The monologue is pretty good. First eight minutes.

Like the exaggerated outrage over the Capitol riot, the impeachment is a distraction from the rigging of the last election. The Dems know they are a minority and that they didn’t really win, and are desperate for you not to notice. Trump’s voters have even been redefined as domestic terrorists — great distraction and intimidation!

The Democrats also need to hate on Trump in order to maintain unity in their disparate party, based as it on along tribal lines of identity politics.

Sadly, conservative commentators — including Tucker — who aren’t comfortable with numbers and quantitative reasoning never mention — and presumably don’t understand — the statistical evidence that the election was rigged. So far, this is really the only evidence that election fraud flipped the result. Without taking the statistical indicators into account, they see lots of election fraud but assume it didn’t flip the result. So Tucker ignores the possibility that the election was rigged.

Restore unity to the US? Impeachment is not the answer. Forensically reviewing all the ballots from the 2020 election is.

hat-tip Stephen Neil