The Virus: Explain How This All Ends

The Virus: Explain How This All Ends, by David Archibald.

When the economy was shut down to stop intensive care units being overwhelmed, that was likely the right thing to have done. To keep the economy locked down while the science of the virus was sorted out was also defensible.

But the science was figured out at least six months ago and nobody needs to die from the virus, vaccine or not. A group at Monash University in April 2020 found that ivermectin was effective against the virus and now it is widely used in South America to good effect.

A previous missive on ivermectin made it to Argentina and our interlocutor there reports:

Today, I finally was able to meet with a good friend from high school, so I know him for almost 60 years, Professor Dr. Rubén Cesarini, who is a prestigious physician, and presently, the head of the Clinics Sector of the Italian Hospital at La Plata, a huge traditional hospital.

When I asked him about ivermectin, he told me that this drug was originally used for a long time, as an antiparasitic for cattle and horses, for scabies, a very common and inexpensive drug, used in the ranches.

Then, one day they decided to use this drug for COVID’s sick people, and for people who have been in close contact with sick people, and they got very good results. Moreover, he himself has taken the drug, in a prophylactic way, to protect himself from contagion during his daily work at the hospital.

The dose is as follows:

  • If you have gotten in close contact with a COVID sick person, but you have not the disease, take 2 pills at once, and then 1 pill per week, for 4 weeks.
  • If you have actually been in COVID’s contagion, take, as soon as possible, 4 pills at once and then 2 pills per week, for 4 weeks.

The drug has been very successful to prevent the patient to be sent to an Intensive Care Unit and the need of respiratory equipment. Rarely, it has been needed to make a second round for 4 weeks more, but in general, the Hospital is pleased with the results and it uses the drug regularly.

A full treatment with Ivermectine is then very inexpensive: around 10 U$S in total. After my meeting with Rubén, I went to a pharmacy store with a recipe, and I bought enough doses to fulfill the previously described conditions, for Mónica and  myself, for U$S 10 each.

For 25 million Australians at US$10 each, at retail pricing, works out to some $300 million to stop the virus in its tracks. The virus is possibly easier to treat than the flu, if ivermectin is used. Nobody on the planet has died from an overdose of ivermectin — it has a therapeutic window you could drive a truck through.

And it need not cost that much. Ivermectin for sheep is called Ivomec:

Say we pay the club price of $133.95 for five litres of Ivomec. Ivomec is 0.08% ivermectin. To get the normal human dose of 3 mg per tablet we need to take about 4 ml of Ivomec which, at 3.1 cents per ml, would cost about $0.12. The equivalent of a full course of 16 tablets of human grade ivermectin would cost $1.92. To treat the whole nation with this particular type of sheep drench would cost $50 million.

Why are we still having lockdowns?

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Of course you should not treat this as medical advice, but consult your doctor before taking any action yourself.