The Lefts’ Tower Of Self-Reinforcing Bullshit

The Lefts’ Tower Of Self-Reinforcing Bullshit. By Lawrence Person.

The left has long had a tendency to push propaganda over truth, but the Trump years have seen a dramatic increase in willfully repeated falsehoods to push the Democratic Media Complex’s favored “narratives” over obvious truths everyone can see with their own two eyes.

First there was the Russian collusion hoax, a self-serving fiction democrats concocted both to jam Trump at the line of scrimmage and give them an excuse for explaining how they managed to lose an election everyone said they had in the bag. There followed more lies to support the initial lie, then the impeachment farce that failed to make a dent.

And all the while, underneath the surface, social justice warriors were spinning out falsehood after falsehood to support their favored narratives. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was a lie from the git-go. The idea that sex is a social construct was and is a lie, as is the idea that someone can change their sex merely by declaring they have. Not to mention the risible #BlackLivesMatter bullshit that “silence is violence” and the ridiculous idea that everyone who voted for Trump was a “white supremacist.”

Then came to 2020 #BlackLivesMatter/Antifa riots the Democratic Media Complex did their very best to ignore or spin as “mostly peaceful” despite burning down hundreds of businesses and looting thousands.

Then they stole the 2020 Presidential election by massive fraud in six urban counties and got very upset when people tried to point this out.

Finally, the events of January 6 drove them to new heights of hyperbole. Want to call it inadvisable? Absolutely. A mob? Fair enough. A riot? Sure. Criminal? Some of it, by definition.

But what it was not was an “insurrection” or “coup.” Trust me, if a significant fraction of president Trump’s 75+ million supporters wanted to stage an armed coup, you’d know it. …

For a party that failed to flip a single statehouse chamber in November, Democrats are freebasing dangerous levels of their own bullshit in ratcheting up the rhetorical hysteria. …

The biggest gap in this country isn’t between enlightened social justice warriors and the backward racist redneck freaks of JesusLand, it’s between those who want to continue sticking their snouts into troughs of taxpayer money, feel their own grifts are sacred birthrights above reproach and have different laws apply to them than the peasants, and those who have been made aware of the scam.

The left have manufactured so many politically correct lies recently that I’ve lost count.

A reader notes:

The working class may not be able to put their finger on it but know they’re being lied to by the MSM and screwed by the uniparty (professional political class).

The middle class on the other hand believes the MSM and simply refuses to listen to or examine views that the MSM ignores or dismisses.

I have people here I’ve exhorted many times to actually look at the websites of the UN, WEF, etc so they can see for themselves that the “great reset” etc isn’t a silly theory of any sort because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

But will they get off their arses and look? Nope. They’re so complacent they know they needn’t bother.