US to Require Negative Tests for Arriving International Air Passengers

US to Require Negative Tests for Arriving International Air Passengers. By the Epoch Times.

Nearly all air travelers will need to present a negative coronavirus test to enter the United States under expanded test testing requirements announced on Tuesday.

Under the rules taking effect Jan. 26, nearly all travelers including U.S. citizens must show a negative test within three days of departure or documentation of recovery from COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

As previously pointed out, it takes only about 100 infected people entering the US per day to render their lockdown ineffective — to increase the number of infected people by about as much as the lockdown reduces that number.

Now that Biden is going to be inaugurated, the swamp is finally getting serious about closing the US border to covid. Imagine that. What a coincidence. Not.

And the dumb right never got it. Instead they repeated the Chinese propaganda lines:

  • “It’s only the flu”
  • “Herd immunity is almost here” — they were saying that in April!
  • “Lockdowns do not work” (of the initial lockdowns only the US one failed, and that was because they left the borders open to constant reinfection)
  • “Everyone’s going to get it eventually anyway.” (Umm, vaccines?)

So let it spread (but only outside China!). Sure.

The US right let the left get away with prolonging the lockdown. Remember how Trump was initially talking of lifting it at Easter? By not closing the borders, and thus keeping the crippling lockdowns going for another six months, the left crippled Trump’s economy and made Biden’s election plausible. Morally indefensible and traitorous, but they did it and the right were too dumb to figure it out.

The Democrats secured the presidency on Jan 6. Now, less than a week later, the swamp is starting to close the borders to covid — so as they can lift lockdowns asap. (Are they going to still tolerate a semi-open southern border? We’ll see.)