The American Left’s Big Lie

The American Left’s Big Lie. By the Z-Man.

Look around at what is happening and it is as close as any western society has come to fascism in 80 years.

The people stripping the rights of Americans are not government employees, but corporate powers. The vitriol from the politicians may be the signal to act, but the people trying to destroy Trump and his supporters are corporate actors, not the state. Corporatism is a foundation stone of fascism and that is what is usurping the authority of our system now.

In other words, the big lie here is that the people allegedly under assault are the people wielding power. That is a lie so big that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

The people with a monopoly of power are crying out in agony as they crush their enemies. Their claims to be on defense are a lie to distract from the fact they have assumed total power. Amazon can offer murder for hire to prime members and no one can stop them.

This is the “the big lie” in neon. The people who are engaging in a modern version of fascism are claiming to be the great enemies of fascism. This leaves the genuine opponents of genuine fascism without a language they can use.

Calling what is happening Marxism is so stupid only the dullards accept it. The communist would not have allowed the tech giants off the leash. They would not have been slavishly in support of the financialization of the economy.

Yep. America has suddenly lurched into corporate fascism, right out of the textbook.

Let’s hope the big tech leaders take stock, dump the SJW activists, and reverse course. But history suggests they will instead plow on, convinced they are doing God’s work. As for government, it shows no appetite or will to challenge big tech, so big tech is currently in charge. Remember, big tech bought this election for Biden, and are filling many of the positions in his administration. China and big tech own Biden.