How to Ignite a Civil War

How to Ignite a Civil War. By Kurt Schlicter.

So, the Establishment has decided to address the grievances of people who feel disenfranchised, silenced, and subjected to double standards with much more disenfranchisement, silencing, and double standards.

Seems like an on-brand move for the most corrupt, unwise, and incompetent — yet remarkably arrogant — ruling caste America has ever known.

Good plan — deny them the right to pick their 2024 president, clap like trained seals as corporate overlords cut off their ability to express themselves, and continue to treat their own supporters well and dissenters much, much worse. That’s sustainable. Say, let’s put out this blazing fire with this handy can of gasoline.

Yeah, they are having fun for now. While the supine GOP is tweeting hack cliches about Muh Not Who We Are, the left is trying to tighten the noose. But we’re woke. Rasmussen puts Trump’s popularity at 51%, rising after the riots. We aren’t blaming Trump for the riots. And we sure aren’t rolling over for these bastards.

It’s not sustainable. This is the way to civil war. When one half of the country treats the other half too badly, it must stop or it will come to blows.