Homeland Security Committee Chair Wants GOP Senators Ted Cruz And Josh Hawley On Federal No-Fly List

Homeland Security Committee Chair Wants GOP Senators Ted Cruz And Josh Hawley On Federal No-Fly List. By Allan Miller.

Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) wants to place Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley on the federal “No Fly” list due to the “actions they participated in” last week during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show.

The Democrat-media complex is using the chaos at the US Capitol last week as a pretext to label Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. …

“There’s no question about it,” [Democrat Rep Bennie Thompson] said when asked if protesters who entered the US Capitol last week should be placed on the federal no-fly list. “First of all, these folks, in my opinion, can be classified as domestic terrorists because of the actions they participated in on Wednesday. Now under normal circumstances international terrorists are out on no-fly lists. These are domestic terrorists–same thing. A terrorist is a terrorist, no matter who you are.

The radio host then asked Rep. Thompson if Hawley and Cruz should be placed on the no-fly list because they objected to Joe Biden’s electors.

“There’s talk about liability for inciting this insurrection falling, maybe, in the laps of Senator Hawley and Senator Cruz and a member of Congress who may have Facetimed or led people to Pelosi’s office. If these folks are found liable, should they be on the no-fly list?” the radio host asked Rep. Thompson.

Thompson replied, “Well, there’s no question about it. There’s no exemption for being put on the no-fly list.”

Yes sir, Goebbels sir. Anyone who disagrees with the new Nazis must be punished.

Imagine if Ted Cruz had to catch the train between Texas and Washington because the Democrats won’t let him fly. That’s a new form of government and decision making. Maybe minor dissenters like readers of this website would be made to wear funny little armbands for being terrorist sympathizers.

Once political opposition is defined as domestic terrorism, the sky’s the limit.

Of course, one side’s domestic terrorists are the other side’s freedom-fighters:

Is she a domestic terrorist too?

What about this one?