The storming of the Capitol opened a lot of eyes

The storming of the Capitol opened a lot of eyes. By the Z-Man.

Popular revolts in occidental countries tend to build slowly and then have a series of tremors before there is some clarifying event. The reason for this is people unhappy with their conditions tend to look for simple answers first and then apply themselves to getting relief from the system within the rules. They identify the problem or what they think is the problem and then go to the people in charge with it. In modern liberal democracy it means engaging in the political process.

Then either by serendipity or a confluence of events driven by various actors, there is an event that causes the scales to fall from the eyes of the people. In isolation, the attack on the Bastille was a non-event, but in the context of the historical moment, it was revelatory. The 1980 strike at Gdansk Shipyard in Poland is a more modern example of a small event ushering in a paradigm shift. People thought one way before the event and they thought a different way after it. …

This week:

The storming of the Capitol opened a lot of eyes.

  • The people in the media demanding mass executions of Trump supporters were just six months ago gloating over left-wing mobs burning cities.
  • Six months ago, official Washington was telling us the cops were a problem and now they are demanding they open fire on protestors.
  • When a black criminal died in police custody, they demanded vengeance. When a white veteran is murdered by a cop on video, they think it great fun.

This week has been clarifying, because it has confirmed what people have been slowly realizing at a subconscious level. The manufactured outrage of George Floyd would have passed unnoticed, if it had not been followed by the orchestrated campaign by corporate America to promote hostility to white people. If that had passed, then people may have forgotten about it, but that was quickly followed by the Covid lock downs and then the election fraud. The road to epiphany now seems clear.

The tribalism of the left’s identity politics is well underway. Everything’s different now.