Pelosi Moves to Block Trump’s Access to Nuclear Codes

Pelosi Moves to Block Trump’s Access to Nuclear Codes. By Megan Fox.

In today’s overreach by Democrats, Nancy Pelosi is demanding that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff block Trump’s access to the nuclear codes—for no other purpose than to continue smearing Trump as crazy and dangerous. …

Democrats and some Republicans are calling for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president a few days before he leaves voluntarily, just for malicious purposes. They don’t really believe any of these ridiculous claims they are making, but they are determined to get a photo-op of the president being led out of the White House by military personnel. They are out for total destruction of his legacy, which was a great one that far outperformed any president in the last forty or so years.

Let’s not forget that the man they are accusing of being unhinged and likely to kill us all literally started no new wars and brought peace to the Middle East. They’re desperate for you to forget that. Getting that photo-op of Trump being dragged out of his office would ensure that no one would remember anything but that terrible final moment.