Georgia Senate Runoff Results: Dems Look Set To Take Both Seats

Georgia Senate Runoff Results: Dems Look Set To Take Both Seats. By the NY Times.

With 97% counted:

The race still seems close but Democrats are overwhelming favorites to prevail, including Jon Ossoff, who still trails David Perdue by a narrow margin. The remaining vote is from heavily Democratic counties.

That will give control of the US Senate to the Dems. They will control the Presidency and both houses of Congress unless a miracle occurs. The cheats have prospered, and the Republicans who sat out the Georgia Senate election in protest at the rigging in the presidential election have a lot to answer for.

The woke side takes it all in 2020. Western civilization loses. China wins.

UPDATE: The side that loves to print new money (electronically, of course) is now in power. The activist left has the checkbook, and there is no limit on the account because of their new theory, modern monetary theory (MMT). Gold and Bitcoin are currently going up and the US dollar is going down.

UPDATE: Warnock Declares Victory.

Meanwhile, with 98 percent reporting, Ossoff was leading in a tight race against Perdue by more than 9,500 votes, or 50.1 percent to 49.9 percent. The close margin means the winner may not be clear until later Wednesday.