A Time for Choosing: A Test for Our Souls

A Time for Choosing: A Test for Our Souls. Today’s editorial in The Epoch Times.

While every American is intricately familiar with the pandemic and the effect it has had on our lives, this is not the case for voter fraud, despite the evidence being overwhelming.

Some Americans are ignorant of these facts because they have been misinformed by a media that willfully withholds information. The reason for this might surprise you.

There has been a force quietly at work in our country, in plain sight, that has gradually taken over ideological control of most of our institutions, businesses, media, and even our culture.

This force is Marxism and communism. For those who have been following this story, there is no surprise here. For those who have never heard of this, it sounds far-fetched and unbelievable.

It is not that we weren’t alerted. It was the stated goal of the Soviet Union to infiltrate our political parties, media, and academia, in an effort to subvert America from within. This process is now almost completed.

This decades-long communist subversion of our nation came to a head in the 2020 election.

While before our major political parties didn’t differ that much on a fundamental level, gradually one of the parties was subverted by communist groups.

During past elections, both parties would wave the American flag and sing the national anthem, but now one side genuinely believes America is a fundamentally flawed nation.

Over the summer, Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), which was founded by self-proclaimed Marxists who have hijacked genuine concerns over racism for political purposes, and the far-left Antifa group, were behind riots and violence. These groups have direct ties to communist groups connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Among the statues torn down in these riots were those of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Francis Scott Key (author of the national anthem), Saint Junipero Serra, and even of Jesus.

For those who escaped communism, seeing our nation’s heritage under assault felt no different than the Cultural Revolution seen during the 1960s in communist China. Wherever communism goes it targets a country’s history, principles, and beliefs in an effort to force control. … Anything that reminds people of tradition inherently reveals, by contrast, how communism is against society and against humanity. …

China is defeating America without a fight:

The CCP sees the free world — and especially the United States — as a mortal threat to its dictatorial rule. It will do everything to defeat and destroy America.

Over the past two decades, the decline of moral standards in our own country has made it possible for communist China to take advantage of our system.

It has systematically bought and blackmailed our key elites in government, media, academia, and business. The “honey trap” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Iowa) appears to have fallen into is only the tip of the iceberg.

Using women and money, the CCP was able to bring many elites under its control. It has also bought influence over Wall Street. The Wall Street elite — responsible for pressuring companies to move to China — made most of the profit from this shift of America’s manufacturing base to China. Meanwhile, it is Wall Street money that has supported key businesses in China, including China’s military development. …

The CCP has studied America in great detail. It has analyzed every congressman, senator, governor, and even each lobbyist, and has figured out exactly how our system works and how to corrupt the key people in our country. This is why the CCP was able to be so deeply involved in the 2020 elections, while at the same time remaining mostly invisible. …

Progress = Chinafication:

The CCP teaches struggle, materialism, and atheism.

Struggle involves fighting to get one’s way. The fighting may be physical or psychological. In any case, law and truth are set aside for the sake of power.

Materialism involves understanding ourselves from the bottom up. Humanity is described as a collection of desires such as hunger, fear, and lust. Higher things, such as conscience or spirituality, are not recognized.

Atheism involves denying the existence of God, and with that denial, humanity loses the morality and true independence that come with belief.

The CCP has developed a regime of censorship, propaganda, and social control that is enabling it to put in place the most perfect tyranny known in history.

Should the CCP complete its conquest of the United States, then the forms of that tyranny will be introduced into the United States, and Americans will learn to live, feel, and think according to CCP principles. The United States and the world will enter a seemingly endless night in which the light of meaning and truth will have been snuffed out.

It’s a radical hypothesis, but it seems to fit the facts that keep tumbling out into the light.