2020: The Year in European Islam

2020: The Year in European Islam. By Bruce Bawer.

This year the biggest story in Western Europe, as around the world, was the Chinese virus and lockdown. Yet the issue of Islam didn’t go away. More cars and churches went up in flames. Muslims continued to expand no-go zones, to engage in gang violence, to bash Jews and gays, to rape infidel women and “groom” infidel girls, to collect hefty welfare payments from supine governments, and to accrue political power that they use to push for Islamization in a range of cultural spheres. While Jews fled Europe to escape Muslim harassment, Muslims kept pouring in, and people smuggling was arguably more of a problem than ever. …

Criticism of Islam, already verboten in newspapers, plays, you name it, became even more radioactive, with a UK publisher canceling a book — itself not about Islam — simply because its author had tweeted an inconvenient truth about the prophet Muhammed. In January, a previously unknown French teenager, Mila O., slammed Islam on Instagram and joined the ever-growing club of the instantly notorious whose members are forced underground and obliged to live with bodyguards 24/7 (even as cowardly politicians and commentators malign them).

Islamic spokespeople lie:

Dismissing what she called “the myth of European Muslims as eternal outsiders, with a culture and customs that make them forever ‘untrue’ Europeans,” Ms. Islam asserted that most Muslims in Europe “abhor” the views of the “tiny minority of Islamist extremists” who commit terrorism. On the contrary, poll after poll has documented that substantial percentages of European Muslims support the replacement of secular law with sharia, while an overwhelming majority (in Denmark, 78%) tell pollsters that defaming Islam should be made illegal. …

The media lies:

While the year saw no acts of jihadist terror in Europe on the scale of the 2017 Barcelona and Manchester Arena attacks, there were a few somewhat smaller incidents, such as stabbings in Nice on October 29 and a mass shooting in Vienna on November 2 — all of which the media spun with the usual sleight of hand, turning Muslims from perpetrators into victims. On November 13, for example, a contributor to the Guardian named Shada Islam lamented that such acts “put…Muslims back in the spotlight” – as if this were the worst thing about them. …

Frustratingly, [… in Britain] all of the mainstream parties remain (as the Brits say) “wet” on Islam. Witness the long-awaited Home Office report about “grooming gangs,” the Muslim rape squads that, fueled by Koran-inspired contempt for infidels, have systematically abused thousands of children. To the delight of leftist media, the document, released in December, disgracefully whitewashed the entire phenomenon, cynically shifting attention to non-Muslim rapists. “Victims of grooming gangs have been failed again,” read the headline in the conservative weekly Spectator.

The government in Germany pulled a similar trick, releasing a report that attributed almost all anti-Semitic crimes in that country to right-wing extremists — a conclusion entirely at odds with EU findings.

Why are we being systematically misinformed about Islam? Who benefits?

hat-tip Stephen Neil