The Wuhan Virus And Race-Specific Bioweapons

The Wuhan Virus And Race-Specific Bioweapons. By David Archibald.

In a clip from a TV show called Southeast China Military Watch in 2016, a CCP military expert by the name of Chen Hu discusses the development of bioweapons. He said in part:

But if we could use gene engineering to edit these bacteria and viruses, then we will be able to produce more widespread and lethal super viruses or superbugs. Then the lethality of these kind of super viruses and superbugs would be similar to atomic or hydrogen bombs. Its lethality could rival those of chemical weapons.

Not only do we need to create such super virus or superbug, if we really want to use it on a massive scale then we must first resolve this issue: how to harm your enemies but not yourself. Even more terrifying is that it can target the genetic characteristics of a specific race. We could develop a specific gene-edited weapon targeting one specific race.

Journalist: It has the potential to kill one specific race?

Yes, because each race has its own genetic characteristics.

The Chicom weapons researchers must not have got the memo on critical race theory. While the Chicoms would have been very happy with themselves for developing a bioweapon, it was released early and inadvertently due to sloppy lab practices. And they produced a virus that targets East Asians like themselves at a higher rate than other races.

The Wuhan virus binds to the ACE2 receptor. ACE-2 expression is higher in East Asians than Europeans. Africans are lower again:

In fact the Wuhan virus has had little impact in Africa. But there is another protein called dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP4), which may be a second door to the Wuhan virus along with ACE2. DPP4 is overexpressed in people with Neanderthal ancestry.