Pundits in Denial are Cratering Their Creditability

Pundits in Denial are Cratering Their Creditability. By Richad Bledsoe.

I recently found it again. The twitter feed of a supposed Deep State insider turned whistleblower, Johnheretohelp. Look what he claimed on July 21, 2020:

We are supposed to roll over and accept an illegitimate election that will be an extinction level event for our Constitutional Republic. A complete capitulation to a cabal of our enemies foreign and domestic. 2020 was a series of battles in an Invisible War against Chinese communists. They launched an overhyped bioweapon to manipulate the international order. To maximize the destruction, they activated all the sleeper agents and minions they have infiltrated into our global elites for decades.

The point is, this is the urgent story we are living right now. The theft of an election as the catalyst for the destruction of the free world. Not a Biden victory, but a massive scheme by hostile powers to fake and force and wish it into existence, aided by the corruption of our legislatures and judiciary at every level of government. It’s the most stunning story that has occurred in my lifetime. We’re at a point of no return, full of danger. Whatever happens, the world will never be the same. …

I’m so hungry for information to illuminate where this is heading. I keep up my compulsive internet browsing to find evidence of the rapidly unfolding events.

Yet many of my online resources aren’t coming through. The “conservative” websites and commentators I have relied on for years to provide an alternative to the Big Media censorship we live under, are letting me down. It’s like this crisis isn’t even happening. …

Many in our chattering class wants to pretend this was just another four year election. Win some, lose some, ho hum, business as usual.

I’m not seeing the outrage of being cheated out of our birthright of democracy. No concerns about the exposure of an unaccountable political class that just does whatever it wants because they will never lose at the ballot box again. No rallying calls to stand up for the freedom we assumed we would always have. Conservative, Inc doesn’t even seem to notice we are being assaulted by China, paving the way for the most relentless totalitarian surveillance state American Big Tech can enable.

I don’t know why so many of those on the right are failing to face reality at this critical time. The reality is if we fail this time, there is no next time. The villains who are claiming victory are telling us what our new conditions are going to be like. China will rule the world, with assists from Iran and European Union. The United States will be no more, and our former citizens will be eating insects and weeds in the Great Reset gulag camps for Covid vaccine deniers. Unless Antifa decides to bludgeon us to death first, while the defunded police stand by and watch. …

So pundits, do your part. This is the moment to use your communication skills and platforms to stand up for the principles you claim to live by. …

Anyone who analyzes politics for a living should be seeing where we are in course of human events. Don’t trust the opinions of anyone who is missing the immensity of this moment.

We are in the midst of one of the most significant inflection points of human history. See what that perspective does for the ideas you share with us.

That’s the way it seems to us too (though the information available is all too imperfect). We’ve been quite disappointed by several non-left websites that seemed oblivious, or just accepted the election shenanigans without complaint. Pay attention!

And the consequences are not just for the US, but all the West.