McConnell and GOP Senators Must Stop Deserting Their Constituents

McConnell and GOP Senators Must Stop Deserting Their Constituents. By Roger L. Simon.

Excuse me, but if I get another text message from Mitch McConnell asking for money—I seem to get one roughly every five minutes, and one came 10 seconds after midnight to welcome 2021—telling me that things are desperate for the GOP and that if I don’t donate another $50 (to be matched at 5X, of course, or is it 7X?) all will be lost, because I’m an “important patriot” for whom a “critical deadline” has been “extended” (who writes these things?), I will leave the Republican Party forever and register as an independent. …

Frankly, these endless messages and emails are nauseating, especially when emanating (supposedly) from the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, who seems to be, deliberately or not, so far out of touch with the wishes of his constituency he may as well be in another galaxy.

McConnell and wife

That only 12 senators, with Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) leading the way, have stood up to say they would question the results of our presidential election, when CNN reports that at least 140 House members have said they would, does not speak well for what was once known as “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

Or perhaps they know something we don’t—like who won.

That’s hard to imagine—we all know the judiciary is not interested in, or may even be allergic to, finding out—but perhaps a secret cabal of senators has made a forensic investigation of the Dominion voting machines (said, under oath by its CEO, not to be connected to the internet; the CEO also alleged there was never a relationship between Dominion and the devised-for-Chavez Smartmatic).

That investigation would have to be sufficient to assure us that a man named Jovan Pulitzer, who was able to hack said machine in seconds, live, over the internet, in front of a Georgia legislative committee on Dec. 30, was some kind of magician pulling an electoral rabbit out of his hat.

And this assumes the testimony of forensic computer expert Russell Ramsland about the Antrim County Michigan machines was also either entirely false or discredited (in a real way, not by some media outlet yelling “debunked”). …

Not only that, but this same cabal of senators must have limned all the testimony about election fraud, from mail-in voting, to trucked-in voting, to ballots suddenly appearing from under a table after everybody went home, to absentee ballots being absconded with and probably shredded, and other possibilities so multitudinous at this point that the sworn affidavits stacked on top of each other would reach somewhere near the top of the Capitol Dome.

Obviously, this investigation never happened. So what gives?

Are these reluctant senators simply abject cowards, trying to protect their committee assignments, or are they more aligned with the deep state than they would like us to know or even wish to acknowledge to themselves? Do they really want business as usual?

McConnell would seem to have more than a whiff of that.

But the rest do not have to go along. Do they need a reminder that the Democrats protested the Electoral College certification of the last three Republican presidents — Donald Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004? …

Can we actually have elections that the majority of the public trusts? We clearly don’t trust this one.

More than that, we are in a monumental transitional phase in human history when technology is dominating our lives as never before, with its power over us, conscious and unconscious, escalating every day and our elections being only a part of that story, and a fragile one.

With an increasingly unchecked China in the ascendancy, our world is changing before our eyes, minute by minute. Transnational elites are in the process of taking over. Are elections even going to mean anything in the future? Will they happen in any way other than Soviet?

Most countries, including many third world countries, manage to hold free and fair elections using paper ballots, voting at polling places on election day only, and counting overseen by all interested parties. It’s not that hard. The US could easily do it, but chooses not to. Obviously some in the US prefer the current cheater’s paradise. And who are the best cheaters in the world? Exactly.