Ivermectin and Government Mendacity

Ivermectin and Government Mendacity. By Karl Denninger.

On May 7th, 1915 a German U-boat torpedoed and sank the RMS Lusitania. 1,195 people died, including 128 Americans. Germany had warned that it was going to sink these ships, including the Lusitania specifically in a newspaper advertisement as they claimed to have evidence they were illegally transporting goods of War between the US and Britain. Britain was at war; the US was not.

We had every right to transit the seas for peaceful purpose but supplying a combatant with weapons and other goods of war does not fall into the realm of “peaceful purposes.” Our government claimed there were no munition on that ship and that Germany murdered nearly 1,200 people, including Americans. The British government claimed the same. About two years later the US would enter the war, in no small part because of the sinking of that ship (among others).

For a hundred years the British government continued to maintain the lie that there were no munitions aboard the ship. But there were. We know that conclusively now as technological advancements have allowed it to be dived upon even though the British government “forbade” it. The presence of unexploded munitions, still there and recovered, destroyed that lie.

Both British and American governments acted together to cover up that lie for a hundred years. … The recovery of things that the US and British claimed were not on board is enough standing alone to prove they were both lying through their teeth and, like it or not, that ship was a legitimate military target. …

Think that’s the only time? You’re joking, right? …

The ivermectin scandal:

By [northern] summer, when the first trials were about to start, we had extremely strong scientific evidence that Ivermectin not only worked to treat Covid-19 but was also effective as a prophylaxis. …

But the government and drug companies, hell-bent to get their approval, refused to fund or even look at the studies being done elsewhere and in fact to this very day the NIH “official guidelines” recommend against it in other than a formal clinical trial.

Why didn’t the NIH fund a large-scale trial in April? Because it’s an off-patent medication that costs about as much as aspirin, that’s why, and despite three decades of use in both humans and animals and a known safety record there’s no money to be made. Thus no private group will spend the money and the government’s so-called “National Institute of Health” refused to do so. …

While said studies are in process, which only governments will ever undertake, refusing to allow the public to use such repurposed drugs with informed consent at their option is outrageous and flatly unsupportable. Indeed to this day the NIH and FDA both recommend against this drug, without evidence, except in clinical trials which they themselves refuse to run!

Simply put the evidence is that we shoved over 150,000 American in the hole since summer by refusing to use this cheap and widely-available medication — a medication you can buy enough of, with a retail mark-up, for about $4 in sufficient quantity to treat a horse. The data says it stops roughly 90% of infections — equal in effectiveness to a vaccine but available six months ago in quantity, not somewhere down the road without a full set of testing.

Ivermectin is readily available for animals however:

“Keep it in the freezer to extend its life and calculate your doseage from your weight. Given that long half-life of 18 hours, daily dosing should do it.”