Glenn Reynolds Gets Covid

Glenn Reynolds Gets Covid. Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds describes his experience with catching covid:

SO I HAD COVID FOR CHRISTMAS. It wasn’t all that bad — more or less like a medium-bad cold, with a bit of muscle aching and a few days of lost smell. I’m better now and well past the isolation period. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse, but not that lucky. Most people I know who have had it had a similar experience. Many thought it was allergies. …

Anyway, it occurred to me that we may see the reverse of the AIDS education process. Back then, people didn’t take the disease seriously in general until someone they knew — not necessarily very well, but in their circle of acquaintances — got it. I wonder if widespread experience of not-very-serious coronavirus infections might have the opposite effect. It seems less scary than it did in March. Yes, people die of it, but not the 5-6% we feared then, and in most people it’s pretty mild.

The Insta-Wife is fine. She’s tested negative three times. How she managed not to catch it from me is a mystery, but apparently it’s not that uncommon for spouses to remain uninfected. Some people, of course, just aren’t susceptible to it.

And I’m taking low-dose aspirin for two more weeks as a precaution against clotting problems. I’m also taking it very easy on workouts. But honestly, so far the experience has underwhelmed. I know that’s not the case for everyone, and I’m certainly not suggesting that there’s no there there, but as I say, virtually everyone I know personally who has had it has had a very mild case.

And yeah, the Vitamin D and zinc probably helped.

Reynolds is 60, works out, and is a Professor of Law at a university in Tennessee.