The Vote Dumps All Favored Biden

The Vote Dumps All Favored Biden, by Eric Quinnell (Engineer); Stan Young (Statistician); Tony Cox (Statistician); Tom Davis (IT Expert); Ray Blehar (Government Analyst, ret’d); John Droz (Physicist); and Anonymous Expert.

A team of unpaid citizen volunteer mathematicians, scientists, IT veterans, and engineers collaborated in a statistical vote analysis of selected states in the 2020 Elections.

The purpose of a statistical analysis is not to tell what happened (e.g., ballot stuffing, machine algorithm, etc.), but rather where (ideally by precinct) there were unusual results.

In this special report we are looking at what has been called vote “Dumps.” We are defining a Dump as being a 25,000+ vote differential between Presidential candidates, received/recorded at one time. We looked for such influxes for both candidates.

The conclusion is that all we were able to find were net Biden Dumps. … We were not able to find any cases for Trump that met this criteria.

* A “Net Vote Dump” is defined as a 25,000+ vote differential between 2020 Presidential candidates, at one time.

**PA and VA are exceptions for the 25k differential we are using. For whatever reason (and unlike most other states) they have way too many over 25k. As a result, the PA threshold is 60k and VA is 100k.

If all the mistakes favored one candidate, they probably weren’t mistakes.