Same batch of ballots scanned five times in Fulton, Georgia

Same batch of ballots scanned five times in Fulton, Georgia.

A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes:

When I was an election official (spanning two decades) if I had ever seen a single fake ballot, not the least a whole pallet of fake ballots, I would have called the police right away.

If local police refused to act, I would have called the State police and then the FBI.  If none of those agencies immediately stopped the fraud, I would have gone to my car, retrieved my pistol and held the perpetrator at gunpoint until sworn officers arrived.

Yet, time and time again in this saga of the fraudulent 2020 election, we all read reports of people making sworn statements about seeing fraud in progress, and now most recently, a claim that a warehouse full of phony ballots was photographed. Then apparently in the latter case, while the person making the photos looked on, a shredder truck arrived and turned the fake ballots into pulp pellets. How convenient. Can anyone explain why the police were never called in ANY of these alleged cases? If there are cases where police were called but did not respond, are there any documented cases where other agencies were called-in to stop the fraud in progress?

One thing that seems clear from this election: Republican “observers” were apparently morons who were either incompetent or too timid to call the police when they were seeing the enemy committing fraud, right before their eyes. Every time I read one of these reports claiming to finally document fraud, it turns out to be another story of what might have happened, or that someone saw something suspicious but failed to act to stop it while it was going on.

If for example some intrepid Nevada citizen temporarily borrowed one of the Dominion tablets during the election, one could have documented the supposed fraud via vote counting algorithm alterations. After the election was over, Dominion pulled a google and wiped every machine, so now all forensics can reveal is what MIGHT have happened.