Mark Levin: Ignore “unreliable and cowardly” GOP leaders

Mark Levin: Ignore “unreliable and cowardly” GOP leaders. By Paul Bedard.

Top conservative talker Mark Levin is urging Republicans to ignore “unreliable and cowardly” GOP leaders and back the effort started by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks to challenge the electoral votes of several states in the Jan. 6 vote to confirm the Electoral College results. …

“Win, lose, or draw, on Jan. 6, the Republicans must not act as if ‘the people have spoken’ and be cowered into passivity or worse, such as joining the Democrat Party and media hecklers, by insisting that they are part of a lawless party seeking to ‘reverse the results of the election,’” he wrote.

Levin added, “Too many Republicans have already buckled, including the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, Sen. John Thune, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger. No doubt others who are unreliable and cowardly when facing the organized mob will follow. But let us not be judged by those who have intentionally and strategically manipulated our politics and the law to undermine our constitutional order. It is they who must be condemned.”

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific