How Much Voter Fraud Was There?

How Much Voter Fraud Was There? By John Hinderaker on the Powerline blog. This is interesting for signalling a change in stance on the right.

John Lott has now produced a statistical analysis that suggests substantial voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Lott’s conclusion is that his analysis suggests a total of more than 55,000 fraudulent votes in those two counties. You can read Lott’s paper here. His statistical calculations are laid out in detail, and you can evaluate them for yourself. …

Having ignored the accumulation of evidence to date, they quote a recent statistical study, as if this one changed their minds. Ok, whatever, at least they are coming around now. But they want to explain why they were so slow to believe the election was stolen and just gave up:

The Democrats will argue, of course, that turnout was extraordinarily high in last year’s election because their voters were motivated and they did a good job of driving turnout. Mail-in voting also predictably increased turnout, fraud aside. Analyses like Lott’s can cast doubt on whether such benign explanations can account for Joe Biden’s “win,” but there is no way they will result in the election being overturned. At this point, even if Republicans were able to show how, and by whom, fraud was perpetrated in various states, which likely would require confessions from Democratic operatives, it is too late to prevent Biden’s inauguration.

What will happen, however, is that Joe Biden will take office under a cloud of uncertainty. According to the polls, close to half of the country doubts that he actually won the election. His ill health and mental decline would make him a lame duck in any event, but the additional cloud over the legitimacy of his election will erode his authority still further.

Over the next two years, the election will be investigated and books will be written. Some will argue that Donald Trump actually won the election, while others will try to show that Biden’s victory was legitimate. In all likelihood, the question will never be definitively resolved, but the questions about Biden’s legitimacy probably will grow.

Finally, they reluctantly realize that they now need to fight.

Will that scenario bring about demands for electoral reform so that future elections do not end in a cloud of doubt? I hope so, but I doubt it, at least in states where Democrats have substantial power. The Democrats like voter fraud. That has been true for a long time. In 2020, they saw how helpful to their cause lax voting procedures, that both enable fraud and make it hard if not impossible to prove, can be. They will fight tooth and nail to preserve their fraud advantage in future elections. All of which could make the bitterness over last year’s election a mild preview of things to come.

Powerline are a major political blog on the “sensible” US right, but have been slow to come around to the view that the election was stolen. Perhaps they didn’t want to be seen agreeing with the likes of Sidney Powell, or the non-political or disreputable types who were quick to jump to the obvious conclusions. Or maybe the left wing trolls in their comments sections succeeded in sowing too many doubts in their minds (yep, in the last two months left wing trolls — often masquerading as right wing people — made a major effort on right wing blogs to suppress the idea that the election was stolen).

Interesting to see that they are now starting to face up to the inevitable, and to the responsibility they now must bear — to fight the fraud. So much more comfortable and less effort to just roll over and accept defeat. But they are beginning to realize that they cannot.