Too many Republicans view their destinies as separate from President Trump and Party

Too many Republicans view their destinies as separate from President Trump and Party. By Ronald Jones:

There are far too many Republicans in Congress who view their destinies as separate from those of President Trump and other Republicans. They are sadly mistaken. This is not about Never Trumpers, nor is this about the historic lack of party discipline that is generally fatal to Republican success, although both are problems.

Rather, this goes to a fundamental misunderstanding of what is actually at stake here, and only unity of effort will ensure that Republicans ever have a shot at winning office — any office — again.

The American left appears to have done what was once thought to be impossible, based on the voluminous and, in my opinion, credible evidence we have been presented to date. It does appear that they have, through very adept manipulation of people, media, and technology, stolen a presidential election by manipulating just enough of what they needed in key battleground states to make the difference.

Congressional Republicans need to realize that, in the current environment, they face a very real threat to their continued ability to hold office, in Washington and just about elsewhere else. That threat is twofold.

The first is that any senator or representative who won’t stand up in this moment will face such opposition at home from Trump supporters and others who are deeply troubled by election fraud that they might as well not run again. They will almost assuredly face primary opposition that is cut from the Trump cloth, possibly with Donald Trump’s blessing.

The second, however, has nothing to do with real voters, and is far more existential. Any elected Republican official who turns a blind eye to the fraud now, in this moment, and does not do everything they can to prevent the questionable practices that marred this election from occurring in the future, is guaranteed to lose in the future. Put another way: if the modern left can steal a presidential election, they can — and will — steal your election.

Too many politicians get inflated egos from the constant attention. They have come to overestimate how much of the attention is because of them personally. No, in nearly every case it’s merely because of the party they represent.