Hey, GOP: This is Your Do or Die Moment

Hey, GOP: This is Your Do or Die Moment, by Brian Joondeph.

Republicans are oblivious to the obvious, that this is their last stand. It’s do or die, sink or swim. The opportunity with orange hair and a Queen’s accent won’t be coming around again. In 2016, he easily dispatched the cream of the Republican crop, a gang of 16, all of whom would have lost badly to Hillary Clinton without him. Are there any heirs apparent? I don’t see any.

It’s Trump or a long walk in the wilderness for the GOP.

If Democrats, the corporate media, and foreign interests can steal a presidential election, they can steal any congressional or gubernatorial election, easily ….

If they can weaponize the CIA, FBI, IRS, and DOJ to target their political enemies, without punishment, why won’t they double down next time? For the left, crime does pay.

There has been no reckoning or accountability for the stolen 2020 presidential election. What’s to stop every subsequent election from being stolen in the same way? I have no doubt that if the 2020 electoral fraud is given a pass, the same methods will be used in full force in Georgia, electing both Democrat candidates to the Senate, making current Senate Republicans irrelevant seat warmers.

Does anyone seriously believe that the Biden FBI or DOJ will lift a finger to investigate voter fraud? Forget Special Counsels as they can be fired with the stroke of a pen, cheered on by the DNC media. Republicans may cry foul, but so what? In the permanent minority, they have no power. …

Republicans talk a good game about “getting ‘em next time” but there will not be a next time. Do Republicans say that in California, now that the Golden State has been renamed the Blue State, with not even a whiff of Republican red anywhere in sight? Such is the course for America. …

Last chance, Republicans:

This is the GOP’s last stand. If they don’t support the leader of their party, and he falls, that’s it for their party. Many Trump supporters, myself included, would gladly walk away from the GOP, in votes and financial contributions, to a new party or no party at all, voting only in local races or ballot initiatives, telling the national GOP and RNC to go Trump themselves.

Are they that oblivious or do they simply not care, happy to serve as back benchers in a uni-party controlled by the far left, giving the Mitt Romney types a small spoon to feed from the trough of foreign and corporate slop?

This is their do-or-die moment. If they go wobbly on Trump, 75 million Trump supporters will go wobbly on the GOP, sending them the way of the Whigs.

The Constitution’s mechanism for correcting fraud is the certification of votes by the state legislatures. Yet the Republican-controlled legislatures of the swing states certified the fraudulent votes. The establishment Republicans teamed up with the Dems to certify the elections. Why? Perhaps some Republican legislators were coerced or pressured or blackmailed. But that’s where it failed politically for the Republicans. Now, divided they will hang.

The last line of defense in the Constitution is the Jan. 6 acceptance of electors by Congress, but the House is Dem controlled so nothing will happen.