Trump’s plan is to protest on January 6

Trump’s plan is to protest on January 6. By Jack Phillips.

President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser said the team is aiming to present evidence during a potential congressional debate on Jan. 6 if lawmakers in the House and Senate object to states’ Electoral College votes.

As of Wednesday, it appears that at least one member of the Senate, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), and a number of House lawmakers will object to the electoral votes during the Joint Session of Congress. Hawley announced he would object to the electoral vote, pointing to previous Democratic efforts to do so during the 2004 and 2016 presidential elections. After the objection, an hours-long debate will occur.

[Trump political advisor Stephen] Miller said that evidence could be presented in Congress, which would differ from what the Trump campaign presented in courts over the past several weeks.

“We will have a chance in front of the American people, next week to present these cases, all these evidences of fraud,” Miller told Newsmax …

More details:

Miller told the outlet that the 1887 Electoral Count Act allows the vice president, who is the president of the Senate, to preside over the Joint Session of Congress. Then, Miller told Newsmax that he hopes at least one senator and representative join together to object to the Electoral College vote, allowing for two hours of debate.

Should that happen, Miller said President Donald Trump’s team is seeking to present alleged evidence of voter fraud or irregularities in the Nov. 3 election, including law changes regarding mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, “suitcases of ballots” in Georgia being wheeled out late at night on Nov. 3 in Atlanta’s State Farm Center, and being blocked in Arizona and Michigan from inspecting voting systems, alleging that ballots were counted several times.

“These are the specific types of evidence we want to present to the American people on the national stage and not allow local politicians to sweep it under the rug,” Miller said.

The days are ticking by. Will Trump do anything, while he still has presidential powers to resist the the election fraud? Or have the swamp tied him down too securely? Perhaps the threats of violence and mayhem, and the massive disruption that will flow from effectively overturning the fraud, are too much. So much easier to just go along with what they want. Trump has always talked a good game, but in four years we never saw a lot of action — such as a wall.

The media has managed to ignore all the evidence so far. Presenting evidence — even in Congress, bypassing the media to some extent — is probably not going to achieve much. Are the Dems suddenly going to roll over and say that “yes we cheated”?

If the above is indeed his plan, and that’s all there is, then he is merely going to protest mildly and ineffectively. The Congress will politely listen to his complaints, then ignore them, then confirm Biden as the next president. And the fraud will be allowed to stand, and will thus be repeated. Sad.