The Calm Within The Storm

The Calm Within The Storm. By Conservative Treehouse.

Earlier today President Trump drew attention to an unofficial January 6, 2021, assembly of We The People planning to attend Washington DC on the date of the congressional certification of the electoral vote.

There is much discussion about the Senate vote on 1/6/21 as the culmination of a fraudulently manipulated election outcome; there is also a great deal of foreboding and anxiety as the American electorate watch to see if any legislator will rise to contest or challenge an outcome.

The group representing “Stop The Steal” is working on supporting the January 6th assembly.

DC insider reports indicate Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is pressuring his GOP senators not to challenge the certification of the election. …

Ultimately ‘stop the steal‘ should rest upon the ability of We The People to counteract the intransigent and corrupt intent of an entitled political class. However, we are in this weird space where destroying a constitutional republic in order to save it has a larger appeal.

It seems unusual to say, and perhaps it is counter-intuitive in a traditional political sense, but President Trump could ultimately be stronger leading a 100 million person army from outside DC, against this corrupt system, than he can be while waging a war — all alone — inside a system that wants to see him destroyed. …

Our president remains what he was from the moment he announced his intent in 2015, an existential threat to those who thrive on the corrupt enterprises and institutions within our government. …

In many ways we sent President Trump across the Delaware on November 8, 2016, to wage a war on our behalf. He achieved many victories, far more than any single person could ever deliver, and we remain steadfast in our support. However, we see with new and overwhelming clarity the scale of opposition against our interests; and we note there are few weapons available to deconstruct a network of UniParty alliances that formed over decades of entrenched graft and scheme. The absence of an anti-corruption armory is by design … the DC infection is metastatic.

Each of us yearns for a victory against this vile and corrupt system, yet the inherent nature of the self-serving DC network is ultimately the same global corrupt system holding many nations captive to the entitled dictates and fiats of a ruling class. For many people, it is easier to see the globalist trouble around the world, in France and the U.K, than here on our own shore; yet it is the exact same enemy carrying out the same fraud and scheme.

Regardless of whether Donald Trump’s legal arsenal is able to overcome the entrenched media operations drum-beating a deafening noise to distract from the 2020 fraud, hopefully the larger American “Make America Great Again” army will remain solidly behind the only leader who has proven his worth in this endeavor. …

There is no reference point for this scale of our American electorate being disenfranchised by Wall Street, bribery, corporations, media and big tech. That MAGA-million army is fuel for a stunning and cataclysmic shift in the American political landscape.

hat-tip Kat H.