How Joe Biden Stole the Election

How Joe Biden Stole the Election. By Mr Reagan. An interesting speculation.

His theory is that the Iowa Democratic caucus was the trial run of the stealing methods.

Then Biden’s win on Super Tuesday, which also bears all the hallmarks of a manufactured result. This was a test of the numerous rigging methods, which is safe because no one outside the Democrats would investigate or even notice if the Democrat primary was rigged.

Why Biden? Because he is compromised (China, Hunter, Ukraine, etc.). He’s the perfect candidate for those doing the rigging.

By using many different rigging methods, it is highly unlikely that they would all be discovered and proved. Whereas if the manipulators relied on one method and it was found out, the game would be up. Hence, people like Tucker Carlson acknowledge that there was fraud but doubt that it was enough to flip the election — because they only know of a couple of many manipulation techniques. There are a swarm of manipulation techniques at work, not a single death star that you can destroy in one comeuppance.

Trump just doesn’t have enough investigators, lawyers, or time to track down all the various fraud techniques. The DOJ and FBI don’t want to help Trump.

hat-tip David Archibald