Don’t just do nothing about identity politics, assuming it will collapse of its own accord. Do something!

Don’t just do nothing about identity politics, assuming it will collapse of its own accord. Do something! By the Z-Man.

A standard item in the toolkit of Official Conservatism has been the argument against identity politics. Initially, as the Left embraced race politics, this was mostly an argument against pandering to blacks. As the array of identity groups in the radical coalition has expanded, it is now a generalized argument against appealing to the self-interest of groups based on their professed identity. The claim is identity politics is bad for the country, as it pits one group against another. …

Tucker Carlson pointed out that this is awful for the military:

Instead of transgender fighter pilots being selected based on their skill, they would be selected based on their choice of sundress. Instead of based black guy getting promoted for his ability, woke black guy will be promoted because he is really into his blackness. Girls will be installed into special forces units to satisfy the desires of Nth wave feminist, rather than on their ability to fight.

Carlson does not put it that way, but he carefully avoids the implications of what he is saying, as he likes living in a mansion. The truth is, a military composed of the sorts of people the Left says are the future will be a disaster. The promotion of female officers is already showing up in incident reports. The military brass is well to the Left of the American public and they are fully committed to diversity. It is just a matter of time before that institution looks like the rest.

Move on and catch up, Tucker:

His “what if” question is about thirty years too late, as it has been happening since the 1990’s and is accelerating. The real question that needs to be discussed openly is how does one live in a world defined by identity politics?

So far, the stock response from conservative like Carlson is the same answer they have been giving for generations now. That is, white people in general, but conservative whites in particular, have to pretend this is not happening. If they just carry on as if that old republican virtue is the best, eventually the other side will tire of their fads, see the results and return to the civic nationalist fold.

[This] is a call to docility. The civic nationalist argues that eventually, the truth of radicalism will catch up to them and all the good citizens really needs to do is wait for reality to slit the throat of radicalism. Instead of matching the Left’s anti-white rhetoric with pro-white rhetoric, which would be really bad according the civic nationalists, white people just need to embrace their individualism and soon enough things will go their way. UFO cults have greater self-awareness.

At some point, the dumb idea stops being dumb and becomes dangerous. We live in an age where public figures, elected officials, brag about withholding the Covid vaccine from whites in the name of racial vengeance. Not long ago this sort of rhetoric was considered a white nationalist conspiracy theory. How long before some unthinkable racial assault on whites is the new fad among the ruling class? Refusing to accept this reality, as is common with civic nationalist, is suicide. …

Civic nationalism, like libertarianism, is now a form of escapism. It allows the believer to stand on the sideline, not only believing it is the moral high ground, but certain that what is happening on the field will go his way. The principles of a republic, not only have no place in a majority-minority society, they are a dangerous narcotic that prevents the user from accepting reality.

It’s a fair point. The left keeps on winning, and the right keeps on losing with docility. When will the right try something new? Now the left even steals an election, with in-your-face tactics, but the Rinos in the state legislatures are ok with that too.