Woke Santa Makes Deplorable Kid Cry

Guns: Woke Santa Makes Deplorable Kid Cry. By Don Feder.

Sabella DeCarlo took her 5-year-old son, Michael, to a mall in Norridge, Il. where he got a symbolic lump of coal from a Surly Santa when he said he wanted a Nerf gun for Christmas. “No, no guns,” Woke Santa growled, whereupon the child burst into tears.

Mom explained that Mikey was asking for a toy gun. Pere Noel was unmoved. “If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you,” Father Christmas declared.

The incident (which got Santa sacked) reflects the left’s anti-gun mania. It’s also virtue-signaling for progressives — much like a Black Lives Matter yard sign — their way of saying, “I’m so opposed to America’s gun culture, that I won’t even countenance children playing with squirt guns.” …

During the campaign, Sleepy Joe told us Bepo O’Dork (“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15”) would be in charge of gun policy in his administration. Biden himself disclosed that 150 million American lives were lost to proverbial gun violence since 2007 – and that doesn’t count those slaughtered with Nerf guns.

Leftists argue that with America having a gun-homicide rate much higher than that of other developed nations – and after Parkland, Orlando, Columbine and other mass shootings – it’s irresponsible, if not downright dangerous, for parents to let their scion have Super Soakers. …

According to Pew Research, 40% of households report having one or more firearms. … Our so-called gun culture is one reason America has never had a Hitler, a Stalin or a Pol Pot. Go Wolverines! …

Rates of gun ownership have soared since the early 1990s, while crime rates have consistently declined. (Defund the police will doubtless change all of that.)

The MSM don’t like to mention it, but the rate of gun violence and gun deaths among whites in the US is similar to all other western or advanced countries. The rates of gun violence among blacks, on the other hand, is much higher and more in line with black African countries. FBI figures show that half of all homicides in the US are committed by blacks, even though blacks are only 14% of the population.

Gun control is one of those cases where two bedrock principles clash:

  • Guns are necessary to protect us from the government. This usually isn’t an issue, though the next period in history may be one of the exceptions.
  • There are inevitably people who turn to nihilism, who are angry at the universe/God/life, and who seek to cause as much destruction as possible. Some are supported by ideologies that condone the killing of non-believers, such as Islam. Obviously, if there were no guns these people would be less efficient at killing us.

Surely that first principle overrides the second. And it’s clearly the first principle that motivates lefties to ban guns, despite their ominous silence on that point.

hat-tip Stephen Neil