Corruption is Like Acid to Democracy: the Phase Change from a High Trust Nation

Corruption is Like Acid to Democracy: the Phase Change from a High Trust Nation. By Joanne Nova.

Corruption is like acid to a High Trust democracy.

When cheating becomes naked, obvious and there is no pushback, no justice, it unleashes a corrosive force. The circles of cheating spread like ripples on a pond and cheating-feedback waves grow until turbulence consumes everything, and there is no peace or clarity left. Under the surface, the acid spreads, changing the underlying chemistry of every reaction.

First the politicians who were tempted to cheat, but feared exposure, realize they can get away with it (or certain flavors of it). Billionaires and corporate powers who didn’t play the game realize they need to toss some money in the pot.

Then the intrinsically honest politicians watching on, start to doubt that there is much point in staying honest. The honest businessmen start to wonder if they will be left behind if they don’t put hot cash in the right hand.

Trust is the grease that makes Western economies the powerhouses of the world. There will never be enough police, enough auditors or enough spies to catch all the cheaters if everyone breaks the rules.

There will not be enough judges and courts to hear all the evidence [of election fraud] — or, during the … high speed transition, almost any evidence at all.

Quickly, the phase change from High Trust to Banana-Republic flips the mostly good to the mostly self-serving like a domino race. Trust is a psychological state, and minds can flip in a day. Each flipped mind leans on the minds around it. Only those with implacable convictions and faith resist the transition, and their power to do anything diminishes immensely after the mainstream players flip to play by the new cheating rules. …

When even the FBI favour the corrupt, and ignore a lap-top full of evidence during an election year — which includes the President being impeached essentially for the crimes the Biden family appear to have committed — the phase change is almost upon us.

When I was a kid, no one locked the doors and windows of their houses or cars. Now? We live with the cost of constantly locking everything around us.

The West used to be fairly high-trust. Japan still is. But success and good times have engendered corruption at the top. This, combined with mass immigration from low trust societies, has lowered the trust level in the West. One of our greatest assets was carelessly thrown away.

The Chinese attitude towards cheating is quite different. Chinese culture tends to regards cheating as more acceptable, even the right thing to do provided you get away with it. Perhaps this, with the corruption it encourages, was a major factor in why Chinese civilization, so far ahead a thousand years ago, stagnated.