US Vaccine Policy: All Lives Matter Less Than Black Lives Matter

US Vaccine Policy: All Lives Matter Less Than Black Lives Matter. By Steve Sailer.

Which groups get the life-saving vaccine before others? Healthcare personnel are first, but then who? The choice is framed by the CDC as between those with high risk medical conditions, the over-65’s, or essential workers.

Check out their “ethics” framework:

Note the mentions of race, but not of sex. The CDC then finds that essential workers should go before those with high risk medical conditions or those over 65, because they are more non-white.

As the CDC’s document admits, men are considerably more vulnerable to hospitalization and death from Covid than are women, but of course that is not Ethics, because men are Privileged. Or something. Nobody needs to explain this conundrum because nobody who isn’t sexist and racist would dare mention it.

Ultimately, the 87 million Essential Workers win 8 to 7 to 7 over the 100 million Adults with High-Risk Medical Conditions and 53 million Adults Age >=65 due to Essential Workers’ crushing win in Ethics, which is largely due to Essential Workers being more nonwhite than the other two categories.

See also Tucker Carlson and the NYT on the re-emergence of eugenics.

Some comments over at Steve Sailer’s:

So after this national panic–including government enforced business shutdown and recession–over saving geezer lives, the CDC doesn’t actually want to save our geezer lives … because we’re too white!

The CDC report says clearly that racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented among over-65 populations. Since we can’t create more over-65 minorities, it should be obvious that the only solution is to kill off more white people in order to achieve racial parity and equity in that group.

Whites in general seem to revel in their total aversion to white racial consciousness. Black nationalists could scream anti-white racial epithets and calls to genocide whites and most whites would be much more offended by a white responding in the same way than they would be by anti-white black racists. Fact is whites are going to be destroyed by blacks and other non-white groups, all of whom have a strong sense of racial consciousness, and increasingly aggressively and overtly so, yet most whites still don’t seem to get it.

You have to admit, it’s impressive how they obfuscate and hide the anti-white racism via all those charts and tables.

Isn’t identity politics great? Thank you, lefties.