Zuckerberg Spent Half a Billion Dollars Coercing States To Adopt Pro-Dem Turnout Measures

Zuckerberg Spent Half a Billion Dollars Coercing States To Adopt Pro-Dem Turnout Measures. By Natalie Winters.

The Amistad Project, an election watchdog group … details in a brand new report how Zuckerberg leveraged $500 million in funding for a “dark money apparatus of 10 nonprofits funded by 5 foundations” that sought to “fundamentally undermine the electoral system.”

Which big tech mogul has political ambitions?

Of his nearly half-billion-dollar sum, $350 million was funneled to the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), which “used the money to illegally inflate turnout in key Democratic swing states as part of this effort.” … The group carried out an “unequal distribution of funding that favored Democratic precincts.” …

Of “the 17 cities and counties that have received the largest “grants” from CTCL, totaling more than $51,000,000 combined, just under $300,000 was given” to Republican-leaning counties. In other words, 99.4 percent of Zuckerberg’s grants went to Democrat-heavy districts. …

Other dark money organizations identified as helping to “privatize elections” are The Democracy Fund, New Venture Fund, Skoll Foundation, and The Knight Foundation. …

Together, these groups coerced state legislatures into adopting universal mail-in balloting, in an effort to amplify Democratic voter turnout.

Election integrity watchdog to sue Facebook’s Zuckerberg for using ‘dark money’ to fund ‘massive’ fraud. By RT.

Mark Zuckerberg poured cash into an “ecosystem” that caused widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential contest, election integrity watchdog the Amistad Project has alleged.

The group will file suit against the Facebook CEO. The lawsuit … will claim that Zuckerberg used $500 million of “dark money” to unlawfully tip the scales in battleground states that Democrat Joe Biden won by narrow margins, said Mark Serrano, a Trump 2020 campaign adviser who runs a communications firm that handles media relations for the Amistad Project. …

The legal complaint takes aim at “the ecosystem” that caused “fraud on a massive level to take place” during the 2020 contest. …

Amistad Project director Phill Kline said during a press conference on Wednesday that Zuckerberg funneled huge amounts of money into charities and nonprofits that lobbied officials and carried out other partisan activities that impacted the 2020 results.

“He paid for election judges, purchased drop boxes, contrary to state laws,” Kline said, adding that Zuckerberg’s money “purchased machines — Dominion and otherwise — and Zuckerberg’s funding was contributed to Secretaries of State.”

This injection of hundreds of millions of dollars into the election by Zuckerberg and others “violated state election laws and resulted in an unequal distribution of funding that deprived voters of both due process and equal protection,” according to a press release issued by the Amistad Project.

Presumably the court system will find ways of not hearing, or delaying, this case too.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific