Twitter: We Can Ban Trump After Inauguration Day

Twitter: We Can Ban Trump After Inauguration Day. By Matt Margolis.

For years now, the anti-Trump mob has been calling on Twitter to ban him from their platform, which he has effectively used to communicate directly with voters, bypassing traditional media. Twitter has resisted those calls for Trump’s ouster but has now confirmed that after he leaves office his account could be banned if he continues to “spread conspiracy theories,” Forbes reports. …

Traditional media and social media have been doing their best to censor reports of voter fraud. Threatening to ban President Trump for highlighting reports and evidence of that fraud is a desperate excuse to keep the public in the dark about what’s going on.

Trump should have started considering other platforms, like Parler and MeWe, a long time ago.

Can anyone see a near- or medium- term future where big tech and big media do not censor and suffocate views they disagree with? Currently the trend is strongly towards snuffing out conservative voices, ideas, and facts. What will ever cause the situation to improve? The big tech leaders grow older and wise up perhaps?