Jenna Ellis: State Legislatures Key in Trump’s Path to Victory

Jenna Ellis: State Legislatures Key in Trump’s Path to Victory. By Ivan Pentchoukov.

President Donald Trump’s winning path for the 2020 election runs through the state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona, says top Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis.

Using Pennsylvania as an example, Ellis said that the state’s Supreme Court had filed in support of Texas in an interstate election lawsuit brought by the Lone Star State to the Supreme Court, which has since been dismissed.

“One of the great things that came out of that case is that the Pennsylvania State Legislature, their leadership in both the House and the Senate, filed an amicus brief admitting to the Supreme Court and telling the Supreme Court that they agreed with Texas that their state’s laws in the administration of the 2020 election were not followed,” Ellis told The Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders on Dec. 16.

“That gives them the basis through their investigations, their findings, all of the testimony and evidence presented by the mayor and myself at that hearing, for Pennsylvania to reclaim under Article II Section 1.2 of the U.S. Constitution, they can reclaim their authority to select the slate of delegates,” Ellis continued.

And so they have every opportunity to call themselves back into an electoral session for the purpose of voting on which slate of delegates they’re going to send. So that is what should happen in each of these six states prior to Jan. 6.” ….

“I know that Georgia is looking at this very closely. Also Michigan with the Antrim County report that came out with all of those, not just irregularities but sheer percentages of discrepancies and all of the violations of law that occurred in Michigan. So in Michigan, as well as Arizona, and also in Wisconsin,” Ellis said.

“I think that once one state actually calls an electoral session and is willing to run that resolution to vote by simple majority and say, ‘We’re not going to allow corrupted, false certifications to prevail in terms of how we select our delegates’ … If one state is willing to do this, I think others will follow,’” she said.

Maybe. The Republican majorities in those state legislatures have already certified the results of fraudulent vote counts. What’s going to change their minds between now and Jan. 6? Are they suddenly going to get the implications of letting fraud stand? And denial of such in-your-face fraud from big tech and big media?

hat-tip Kat H.