It’s critical the West recovers its self-belief

It’s critical the West recovers its self-belief. By John Anderson.

The story of Western civilisation is essentially an unfolding dialogue between classical culture and Christianity, issuing in modern science, democracy, individual rights, rule of law and economic prosperity.

Certainly, the West has engaged in horrific practices such as slavery, but the abolition of slavery throughout the West was justified along Christian-Enlightenment grounds. In other words, historically the solution to the West’s injustices always comes out of the Western tradition itself. Anti-slavers, anti-colonialists, suffragettes and anti-segregationists did not demand an end to Western ideals; they demanded that the West live up to its own Christian-Enlightenment ideals of human dignity, equality and freedom.

Paradoxically, though, the West has more recently produced ideologies that would undermine its own achievements, namely postmodernism and critical theory.

These are something of an offshoot of Marxism and assert that all of the ideals and institutions of the West are racist, sexist, homophobic and need to be overthrown. …

The problem with cultivating a victim culture is that it is inherently socially divisive. If women, racial minorities and other minorities are inherently victims, then everyone else is inherently an oppressor. Identity politics can only lead people to see one another not as fellow citizens but as enemies. It creates and perpetuates division among citizens and a loss of faith in the nation and its institutions. This is worrying because critical theory and identity politics, according to Pluckrose and Lindsay, “tend to regard mainstream liberalism as complacent, naive or indifferent about the deeply ingrained prejudices, assumptions and biases that limit and constrain people with marginalised identities”. …

Knowledge of the past is essential, so the woke systematically erase our past:

If Australia is going to put up an effective resistance to China in the future it needs a population that is united by a commitment to the essential goodness of the nation and by a commitment to liberal democracy.

In this respect the more critical theory and identity politics take root among the younger generations, the more divided and less self-confident Australia will be in the future. Among our greatest weapons is a proper appreciation of the history of the West in general, and Australian European history in particular.

A successful civilization that thinks it has no competitors can become corrupt if many individuals thinks that their self-serving actions are tolerable, now that their team is so far ahead. Civilizations on the up and up have far less corruption, because everyone pulls together for the common good — out of necessity. Compare America and China at the moment, for example.

hat-tip Stephen Neil