Why the Future is Trumpist

Why the Future is Trumpist. By Steven Hayward.

Most one-term incumbents who are defeated lose because they have been abject failures, which Trump most assuredly wasn’t (which is why, unlike all past defeated incumbents who lost votes, Trump got 10 million more than his initial election).

Trump may or may not purposely dominate the political scene in the background as Teddy Roosevelt did from 1909 – 1912 and then run again in 2024, but I argue that Trumpism will dominate the scene for a long time to come, and that any successful GOP presidential nominee will need to be a Trumpist. I go further, in fact, and believe the shuffling of the issue map and the realignment of voting coalitions are as substantial as FDR and the New Deal—and it took FDR four terms to effect that change. …

Huge change on China, worldwide:

Public opinion toward China has turned sharply negative all around the world over the last few years. Trump did that.

And it will leave a residue that Biden will have to deal with. Biden — and craven corporate America that doesn’t want to see its lucrative Chinese market shrink — may try to go back to business as usual. But it will come at a political cost. Trump forever shattered the complacency of the China-accommodationists of both parties over the last 20 years.