Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat

Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat. By Geoffrey Luck.

The Australian media overall, and the ABC in particular, have disgraced themselves in their reporting of the US presidential election. Instead of reporting facts, or even asking questions, all the media has been contemptibly content in a rush to anoint Joe Biden as ‘president-elect’ when a more accurate appropriate term would have been “president-apparent.”

Instead of reporting that President Trump was challenging the outcome as a result of fraud, then following the steps he intended to take to substantiate his claim, reporters and commentators all rushed to delegitimise him by inserting “unproven”, “unsubstantiated” or “without evidence” into every article.  …

How, now, will these disgraced scribblers cope with an independent scientific analysis that has determined the Dominion Voting machines in one Michigan country not only produced false results, but were actually designed to defraud.

That is sensational headline stuff, surely?

On Monday, December 14 (US time), the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) of Texas released its preliminary forensics report into the voting in Antrim County, Michigan … On the election night, the votes reported in Antrim County were: Biden 7,769, Trump 4,509. But eighteen days later, they were corrected to: Biden 5,960, Trump 9,748. Michigan election authorities had claimed the “flip” from Trump to Biden was the result of human error. The ASOG report claims the vote flip occurred because of machine error is quite deliberately built into the voting software to create such errors.

Where the Federal Election Commission guidelines allow an election error of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%) ASOG found the actual incidence in Antrim County to be a staggering 68.05%, demonstrating a fatal fault in election security and integrity. “The system is flawed and does not meet state or federal election laws,” ASOG reports. …

It will be educational to see how many of Australia’s brilliant investigative journalists, fresh from awarding each other Walkleys, can be bothered to follow it up.

That’s the trouble with lying. It requires more lying later. So complicated.

hat-tip Stephen Neil