Donald the Dragon Slayer

Donald the Dragon Slayer, by Frank Miele.

The legacy of President Donald Trump will be measured against the diminishment of his enemies.

He changed the Republican Party from upper-middle class to a much broader coalition:

First — even before he was nominated — he broke the corrupt, elitist Republican Party. If you don’t think that is true, just ask yourself when was the last time you took Jeb Bush seriously.

He caused the Democrats to resort to dirty tricks:

Next, he maimed the corrupt, elitist Democratic Party, which was so fearful that it resorted to dirty tricks that would have made Dick Nixon blush.

Crooked Hillary and her gang of globalists invented a plot to “vilify” Trump by linking him to a fake scandal “claiming interference by Russian security services.” Don’t take my word for it. That comes from a contemporaneous memo by Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, and we don’t have to speculate about whether the plot came to fruition because the nation wasted more than two years and $32 million on a special-counsel probe to look into the fake allegations against Trump. Some taxpayers group really ought to send Hillary a bill. …

He unmasked the media as deplorably biased:

But Trump’s greatest victory, his most sublime contribution to American history, is his willingness to stand in the breach and fight mano a mano with the Fake News Media.

He exposed the mainstream media as a fully owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, and by never backing down when they lied about him, his family and his policies, he forced celebrity journalists into ever-more indefensible positions — until, by the end of his first term, they actually admitted that it was not their job to report the news.

Don’t believe me? Just read what National Public Radio passed off as an explanation in October about its refusal to cover a brewing political scandal when Joe Biden’s son Hunter was linked to a laptop containing potentially incriminating emails, intimate photos and more.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

Yep, that was before the election, and the media had ample opportunity to investigate what looked like a virtual confession of unethical, and potentially criminal, activity involving not just Hunter but also possibly Joe Biden. But instead of working sources, studying documents and “following the money,” as Woodward and Bernstein did in Watergate, the Fake News Media went to ground and played possum till after the election.

Now, in the last week, we the people have suffered the indignity of being informed by the Biden “transition team” that Hunter Biden is under investigation for his “tax affairs.” Imagine that. The press release also informed us for some reason that Joe Biden is “deeply proud of his son.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Oh, wait, you can make it up because it sounds like the plot line from “House of Cards.” Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And if you believe that the media will suddenly start to play it straight now that they think Trump is gone, forget about it.

The media — along with Big Tech — think they elected a president. They think they own a president. They think that their suppression of news about Hunter Biden, along with their lies about Trump, made it possible for Biden to prevail against great odds. The last thing they will do is put that at risk, so now the news channels, the social media giants, and their partners in the Democratic Party have begun a massive gaslighting campaign to protect Biden’s apparent election victory despite overwhelming evidence of fraud. Rather than investigate claims of irregularities, the Fake News Media just denounces them as “baseless.” YouTube has even banned videos that claim Biden was elected as a result of fraud. What kind of free speech is this?

hat-tip Kat H.