US AG Bill Barr Resigns

US AG Bill Barr Resigns. By Paul Mirengoff.

William Barr has announced that he is resigning as Attorney General. His last day in office will be December 23. …

Trump’s legal team suggested that the Justice Department hasn’t properly investigated or pursued voter fraud allegations. Trump himself said he would know in a few weeks whether he has confidence in Barr in this regard. Barr’s briefing and resignation letter come less than two weeks after that statement. …

Barr’s [resignation] letter is gracious and I’m happy to say that Trump responded graciously on Twitter.

Clearing the decks for EO 13848? The Attorney General is one of the main players in any EO 13848 action, and perhaps Barr hadn’t shown enough enthusiasm.

David Archibald:

Trump has done a couple of things recently that point to him acting on his Executive Order 13848.

He has fired the Attorney General, who is to be gone by Christmas.

He has taken the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Miley, out of the chain of succession in the defense structure.

So when he executes on 13848 these people can’t use their current position to say that what he is doing is illegitimate.

Timing is likely between Christmas and New Year.