How an International Election Observer Sees the US 2020 Election

How an International Election Observer Sees the US 2020 Election. By Bart Marcois.

My first experience as an international election observer was in Yemen, in the fall of 1992. I was the American Embassy liaison with the professional election observer community. To the shock of the international community, and to my personal surprise, those elections were mostly free and fair, which was how we certified them. Not one of us could say the same thing with a straight face about the American elections of 2020.

On what basis do election observers judge the fairness of an election?


Election observation missions begin months prior to Election Day. They start by examining whether all political parties have equal access to the media.

In the 2020 American political scene, it is not the government that controls media access, it is the collusion among the legacy media and Big Tech. And although the private sector censorship is not absolute, it is enough to change electoral outcomes. Phony fact checks, the corruption of Google search results, the social media algorithms that censor some views and elevate others: all amount to restricted information flow.

We would rate this system partly free, but not fair.

Vote counting done cleanly:

In Yemen in 1992, the election officials performed a simple, extraordinary act of reassurance to voters. Thousands of voters were lined up outside the school, waiting for the polls to open. The officials carried the wooden ballot boxes outside and showed the waiting voters that they were empty. The crowd burst into spontaneous cheers.

The boxes were locked and voting commenced. Each voter had to present an identity card, and was given a paper ballot with the name and symbol (for illiterate voters) of the candidates. They marked the ballots in secret, and slipped them into the slot.

When the polls closed, the boxes were sealed with melted wax and marked with the thumbprints of each party representative. Until the votes were counted and certified, those boxes were accompanied by representatives of every political party. It took more than 2 days, but they never stopped counting, and they never blocked the observers.

In Tunisia last fall (the cleanest elections I’ve ever seen), the process was similar. Every voter showed an identity card, the name was checked against a list, votes were inserted into secured boxes. The votes were counted at each polling place, in full view of observers from political parties, embassies, and international observers. The whole election was counted and reported within 3 hours of polls closing. No voters reported difficulty accessing the polls, and every polling place had the same procedures. …

American shame:

In order to believe that Joe Biden won the election, you have to believe that he beat not only Donald Trump, but also the records of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; but only in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Not one of those elections can pass scrutiny.

In every other big city in America, Biden underperformed Obama and Clinton, but in those four, he scored ten points more than either of them. How? Each city showed a persistent pattern of harassing and intimidating and excluding election observers. Each shut down counting for several hours on Election night, and sent the observers home.

Each showed an enormous and statistically impossible spike in votes for Joe Biden, recorded during the hours with no observers present. In Detroit and Philadelphia the midnight vote deliveries came in trucks or vans, while in Georgia they were pulled from under a table.

Each city also had multiple reports that mail-in ballots were not scrutinized properly for signature matches, for residency, or for proper ballot procedures. While voters in conservative areas of these states were required to follow proper procedures, voters from heavily Democrat areas were not. Failure to require uniform application of election laws in every jurisdiction is a sure disqualifier. Similar stories came from Nevada and Arizona. …

Please understand that the entire election depends on what happened in these cities controlled by Democrat political machines.

If this result stands without a do-over or major investigations, then democracy in the US is broken for the time being. Unless the vote counting system is reformed, it will remain broken. That this happened in the world’s leading country is an event of historical proportions.

The US Supreme Court, intended to be the final arbiter of disputes, was intimidated into not acting by the certainty of (a) riots and (b) hate of the judges from the chattering class and the media. So, it’s back to violence of sorts already. As soon as elections are not seen to be free and fair, violence looms.