China Believes ‘America Is in Terminal Decline’

China Believes ‘America Is in Terminal Decline’. By Eric Mack.

China is conducting a massive foreign influence operation in the U.S. and “will use any means possible” to destroy the United States from within, according to Far East expert Gordon Chang.

“China will use any means possible to corrupt Americans, infiltrate them, influence them, and work to overthrow the U.S. government,” Chang told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y. “We’re at grave risk right now.

“China means to overthrow our government,” Chang added to host John Catsimatidis. “This is an existential struggle.”

The Joe Biden administration is already compromised with outsized influence, Chang noted.

“They are looking forward to the return of America’s elites to the White House and influence in Washington,” he continued. “What we are witnessing is China’s comprehensive attack on America.

“They just believe that America is in terminal decline. That China can do whatever it wants. And this is extremely dangerous.”

Intelligence exposing Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his relations with Chinese spy Christine Fang is only a symptom of a larger infection of American culture, society, and politics, Chang added. …

Even Republicans are compromised, specifically those closely involved with electing Biden in a key battleground state, Chang noted.

“Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, boasts about Georgia’s ties with China,” Chang said. “There’s this picture, which I find particularly disturbing, of Kemp posing with China’s consul general from Houston before the consulate was closed.

“Remember the House consulate was closed because of spying. I think it was closed because it was involved in inciting Americans to violence during this year.”

China’s promotion of riots and protests in an election year is not a coincidence, Chang said.

“We suspect that China was coordinating protest on the streets of Washington,” he continued.

Meanwhile, western government of the left gave China every advantage for two decades, and more recently the left pursued four years of “Russia Russia Russia”.

Why are we supposed to hate Russia anyway? They are a European country whose interests are no longer fundamentally opposed to ours, since throwing off communism thirty years ago. It’s almost as if China asked the left to distract western populations with the Russian bogey, while they plundered our intellectual property, took our manufacturing base, and fed us opiods and coronavirus.

hat-tip Kat H.