Survey: One-Fifth of Americans Believe Election Will Be Overturned

Survey: One-Fifth of Americans Believe Election Will Be Overturned. By Hannah Bleau.

This week’s Morning Consult tracking survey found that one-fifth of voters, as well as nearly half of strong supporters of President Trump, believe it is likely that the 2020 presidential election will be overturned.

The survey, taken December 4-7 among 1,995 registered voters across the nation, found that 45 percent of voters who indicated strong approval of Trump’s job performance believe it is “likely” that the election results will be overturned. Of those, 29 percent believe it is ” very likely.” …

Meanwhile, Republicans’ trust in the integrity and fairness of U.S. elections continues to remain low, with only 36 expressing trust in the U.S. election system, down from 68 percent trust in late October. Democrats’ trust has risen since October, jumping from 66 percent to 80 percent. Additionally, only 29 percent of Republicans said the election was “probably” or “definitely” free and fair.

The last poll I saw reckoned 80% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats thought the election was probably stolen.

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