Dem. Rep. Asks Pelosi to Boot Half of Republicans From Congress

Dem. Rep. Asks Pelosi to Boot Half of Republicans From Congress. By Tyler O’Neil.

On Friday, … Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to refuse to seat members of the next Congress who support President Donald Trump’s effort to challenge the election results. Pascrell accused the 126 Republicans who supported the Texas lawsuit of “insurrection or rebellion” — or at least, of supporting “insurrection or rebellion” — against the Constitution.

“Stated simply, the men and women who would act to tear the United States Government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress,” Pascrell said in a letter to Pelosi and a statement he posted on Twitter.

“These lawsuits seeking to obliterate public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election undoubtedly attack the text and the spirit of the Constitution, which each Member swears to support and defend,” the Democrat argued. “Today I’m calling on House leaders to refuse to seat any Members trying to overturn the election and make Donald Trump an unelected dictator.” …

Crazy levels of partisanship, coercion, and untruthfulness.

[The Texas] lawsuit alleged that election officials in key swing states violated the text of election laws duly passed by the state legislatures, which the Constitution vests with the ability to decide how states will choose electors to the Electoral College. The lawsuit asked the Supreme Court to remand the election results to the state legislatures for the legislatures to review and then to direct the legislatures to decide electors who best represent the legal votes, separated from the illegal votes.

Yet Pascrell twisted the demands of the lawsuit, claiming that Paxton’s suit “demands the will of the voters of these states be overturned and the Electoral College votes be stolen and awarded to Donald Trump.”

And hypocrisy:

“U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) today joined a discharge petition to force the House of Representatives to vote on bipartisan legislation establishing an independent commission to investigate any collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia to interfere in the presidential election.”

Dangerous, hot-tempered stuff like this paves the way to civil war.