US Supreme Court makes voter fraud a constitutional right for Democrats

US Supreme Court makes voter fraud a constitutional right for Democrats. At Glenn Reynold’s and Steve Kates‘.

If they get away with it this time, it will be worse at the next election.

Bullies keep on bullying, if they get their way.

Chris on the Boat:

For the first time in my adult life, I am not sure that the kind of discussions I read here will be legal and permitted in four year’s time.

We didn’t lose — the highest and most political court in the nation refused to hear the case. For the eight horrible years of Obama, I kept thinking that the only way the left and uniparty would act this way was if they truly believed they would never be out of power again. Trump’s victory defeated their margin of fraud. They will never make that mistake again.

To read so many comments about ‘we must fight the fraud harder’ next time is disheartening. I understand the human desire to want to believe things will be the same. But the left runs the country, the Constitution no longer protects you. We have lost our rights to a new King George. It is up to each one of us to decide how much we are willing to give to get them back. Pretending this was just another election and we can go back to normal in 4 years is a drug of the mind, it’s a lie we tell ourselves to avoid a terrible truth.

George Turner:

Exactly. The fraud has to stop here.

Trump won in a landslide, so if they can produce enough fraud to claim victory, there is no prayer of a Republican winning in any future elections.


To think that today we are freer to speak our minds in Moscow than in New York. Think about that.

In Russia, if you don’t attack Putin, they’ll leave you alone. Here, they will fire you, harass you, and someday soon, jail you for defending your religion, espousing traditional marriage, saying there are two genders, or stating that Climate Change is just leftist control freakery BS.