Hundred Thousand Proud Boys and Patriots Marching The Streets In Washington D.C

Hundred Thousand Proud Boys and Patriots Marching The Streets In Washington D.C.

Chants of “Fuck Antifa”, “Fuck George Soros”. Wonder how long this will last on Youtube?

Imagine the effect on right-wing morale if 74 million Americans got out on the streets and changed “USA USA”. It would be magically uplifting, instead of listening to the demoralizing left wing propaganda on the tv, cable, Google, social media, etc.

UPDATE: Multiple arrests, at least 1 STABBED amid running battles between Antifa & Proud Boys near BLM plaza in Washington DC.

At least one person has been stabbed in Washington, DC during sporadic clashes between right-wing Proud Boys and left-wing Antifa, as police struggled to contain the violence and keep rival groups separated.

Thousands of President Donald Trump supporters descended on Washington on Saturday for a massive MAGA rally that featured a volley of conservative speakers addressing the agitated crowd, who believe the election had been “stolen” from them, and accuse the Republican party of “betrayal.

Despite heated chants like ‘Destroy the GOP!’, the event went mostly peacefully, as DC police managed to keep counter-protesters away, with lines of cops on bicycles and in riot gear blocking off groups from interacting.

However, as the night fell, the sides splintered into smaller groups and began roaming the streets of downtown Washington and picking fights with their rivals, pepper-spraying each other, and getting pepper-sprayed by the cops. …

Other footage showed police ‘retreating’ under the barrage of bottles, bricks and other projectiles from an Antifa mob who apparently tried to seize control of the so-called BLM plaza. …

Authorities have yet to release the tally of injuries and arrests, but FOX said there were at least two stabbings, as NBC news reported four stabbing victims and multiple arrests during the chaotic night.

Antifa are street thugs, “discouraging” any non-left groups from protesting. They are the militant arm of the modern left, dealing out political violence.

hat-tip Stephen, Stephen Neil