Postmodernism: magical thinking that language shapes the world

Postmodernism: magical thinking that language shapes the world. An excerpt from ‘s book, Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization.

A quick way to summarize Postmodernism is to describe it as a kind of magical thinking among the intelligentsia. They have convinced themselves and each other that language shapes the world, and by controlling the social narrative, they can force the universe into obedience.

The Modern era questioned truth and the nature of reality. Postmodernists flatly declare there is no such thing as truth, and “reality” is determined by the preferences of the powerful. Since they have maneuvered themselves to be in charge, the elitists behave as if reality had to conform to their theories, not the other way around. Our would-be masters wove a make-believe world where their particular skill sets dominate. Because of the strategic way the establishment infiltrated their ridiculous conceits into society, they made great progress in remaking our civilization in their own corrupted image.

For too long we’ve been enmeshed in their Matrix-like web of relentless misdirection, distraction, and subversion. Since the past is full of examples that contradict their assertions, Postmodernists attempt to deny, destroy, and redefine it. Since freethinking individuals might not agree with their stances, Postmodernists attempt to divide everyone into collective groups which can be manipulated into divisive conflicts.

Postmodernism is a cynical, despotic fantasy. It’s like a mafia made up of spoiled children. Because a lot of influential people have embraced it, we have the current ongoing disasters in our society. They are deadly serious about trying to make us all submit to their sense of entitlement, which is exactly the reason they need to be thwarted.

It’s a good thing these elitists are so profoundly ignorant of anything outside their ideological biases. They don’t understand actual history, only their pretend revisionist versions of it. They are so convinced of their own invulnerability, they overlook the inevitable fate of tyrants grown rigid.

Well said. This is what western civilization is up against.