Climate Change Act of Treason

Climate Change Act of Treason. By David Archibald.

The member for the [Australian] Federal seat of Wahroongah, Zali Steggall, has introduced a bill into parliament entitled Climate Change Bill 2020. This bill is based on false premises and the consequences from it being passed are absolutely dire.

It is being introduced at a time when Australia is in a state of undeclared war with China, which attacked India in June this year and continues to threaten Taiwan and other countries.

The undeclared war with China will become open warfare at a time of China’s choosing. To contribute effectively in the war with China, Australia needs its economy to be as strong as possible. To that end it needs to have energy costs as low as possible. Australia has already lost aluminium smelters due to power costs being higher than they need be. Even high technology needs power costs to be as low as possible. For example, power costs are 25% of the cost of running a supercomputer. One Australian company, DUG Technology headquartered in Perth, built its latest supercomputer, rated at 250 petaflops and consuming 15 MW, outside Houston because of the lower power costs there.

Anyone in favour of this bill being passed should be aware that the deaths of tens of thousands of Australian service personnel and civilians in the war with China will be on their heads. War with China is an existential threat and anyone doing anything that reduces our ability to fight that war is a traitor. The Climate Change Bill put forward by Ms Steggall is an act of treason.

Though nothing else needs to be considered in evaluating this act, the act is also wrong in science. Having an increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is wholly beneficial and comes with a minuscule warming effect, which in turn is overwhelmed by natural variation in climate. Consideration of a number of climatic and solar parameters suggests that the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere will more likely cool than rise or remain stable. …

The Liddell Power Station in the Hunter Valley was built with a rated capacity of 2,000 MW. AGL, the owner of the station, intends to close it in order to tighten the power market, so it can make money from its diesel-powered generating sets. By comparison, China has planned to install 31,830 MW of coal-fired power stations in 2020, which is close to 21 times Liddell’s original capacity.

The fact that we are cruelling our industry with expensive and unreliable power while the country that will attack us is doing the exact opposite is the height of idiocy.

“Pig iron Bob” was the nickname given to Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies after he forced the export of pig-iron from Australia to Japan in 1938, over the protests of the Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia, which refused to load pig iron onto a ship following Japan’s invasion of Nanking in 1937.

The iron Australia exported to Japan in 1938 presumably later came back to Australia in the form of Japanese bombs and bullets.