Western Civilization is Losing France to Islam

Western Civilization is Losing France to Islam, by Guy Millière.

Countless attacks by young Muslims, often resulting in serious injuries, are committed daily throughout France — according to police figures, approximately 120 times a day. …

Macron can see that French hostility towards Islam is growing. A poll conducted in October 2019 revealed that 61% of French people think “Islam is incompatible with the values of French society”. He can also see also that an outspoken opponent of radicalism, Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally party, is considered by many French people as more credible than he to ensure the security of the country and that she could possibly defeat him in the 2022 presidential election. He has apparently decided, therefore, to try to do more.

Macron faces blowback for resisting, however mildly:

On October 2, he delivered a solemn speech denouncing what he calls “Islamic separatism” and promising to propose a law to fight against “Islamism”. He was careful to insist that he was blaming Islamism — which he defined as an “ideology”, as distinct from Islam, which he referred to as “a religion in crisis.”

The next day, the leading French Muslim associations published a statement presenting their constituents as the victims. “Muslims in France,” they said, “are increasingly the target of the worst stigmatization and invective from political figures who make Islamophobia a business”.

Anti-racist associations supported their statement. Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, said that Macron was sinking into “a political obsession with Islam”. Malik Salemkour, president of the League for Human Rights, accused Macron of taking up “the speeches of the extreme right and pointing the finger at innocent culprits, fundamentalist Muslims”.

The leaders of several Muslim countries called for a boycott of French products. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned Macron’s “mental health”. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation did not name Macron, but “deplored the remarks of some French officials that could harm Franco-Muslim relations”. …

Islam means submission:

The notion of Islamist separatism used by Macron does not really make a lot of sense. He criticized what he calls Islamist separatism for “claiming that its own laws are superior to those of the Republic”. As the historian Mohammed Hocine Benkheira explains:

“For Muslims, Islamic law has God as its author. Any other legislator is illegitimate. When people live under laws other than this one, not only do they sin if they accept this state of affairs, but they also live under the reign of injustice and oppression. It is therefore Islam itself that places its laws above the laws of any government.”

“Islam,” the author Celine Pina pointed out, “does not ask Muslims to separate, but to conquer”.

“If neighborhoods have become Muslim neighborhoods, it is not because the Muslims who live there have decided to separate, but because the non-Muslims have fled from them”, noted Christophe Guilluy, another author. Most non-Muslims, it seems, do not want to live in areas where the law of Islam reigns and where unveiled women are sometimes harassed or assaulted.

The La Chapelle district in Paris: no-go for western women

The idea that Islamism is an ideology distinct from Islam is, unfortunately, totally meaningless. As Erdogan, regarding the term “moderate Islam,” noted in August 2007, “These descriptions are very ugly. It is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Such false distinctions, according to the British author Douglas Murray in his book , Islamophilia, are usually “used by political leaders who fear offending Muslim populations”.

Immigration — could it be part of the problem?

For now, France continues to receive approximately 400,000 immigrants a year, most of whom come from the Muslim world. Macron also does not seem interested in considering any measures that might limit immigration to France.

Meanwhile, the proportion of Muslims in the French population continues to grow. Today, Muslims represent 10% of the population; estimates indicate that this figure will double by 2050. At the same time, the number of Muslims living in France who place Shari’ah above the laws of the republic also continues to grow. Currently, 57% of Muslims under the age of 25 say they would prefer to obey Shari’ah rather than the laws of the French republic should they contradict Shari’ah. Previously, in 2016, people holding those views made up only 47%.

Are the French making western citizens of the Muslim immigrants, or are the Muslim immigrants making a Muslim nation out of France? Islam is a very strong culture, essentially immutable since its foundation in seventh century Arabia.

“There are strong tendencies at work in France,” Alain Wagner, an expert on Islam, remarked.

“If nothing changes, in a few decades, France will have submitted to Islam, and Islamic violence will probably be even greater than today. It is already almost impossible for the country’s leaders to react. They are hostages of a Muslim population that is less and less integrated and whose anger they do not want to arouse. They are under the gaze of groups that immediately denounce any criticism of Islam and under pressure from many countries in the Muslim world that France does not want to offend”.

“Macron”, noted the American writer Raymond Ibrahim in October, “is still not able to pinpoint the real problem because it would be politically incorrect for him to do so… This is the problem with someone like Macron and what he’s saying… they can never acknowledge that what’s happening is integral or a part of authentic Islam….”

France still does not understand the reality it is facing,” said the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal. “It believes that it has been struck by terrorists… but it is suffering a guerrilla war that is gradually gaining momentum…”

Islam has a long history of conquest by this method. The arrogant, politically-correct Western elites don’t even know that.