The faith in fairness has been shattered beyond recovery

The faith in fairness has been shattered beyond recovery. By Roger Kimball.

As more and more “anomalies” surfaced, the Narrative had to shift again. A couple of weeks ago, the line became, “Maybe there was pretty widespread fraud — it’s a big country, after all — but it was not so serious as to alter the course of the election.”

I thought that an odd response because — speaking of “after all” — Biden’s margin of victory varied between thin and razor thin: some 11,000 votes in Arizona, about the same in Georgia, 20,000 votes in Wisconsin. Biden’s margin in Pennsylvania is 80,000, but that, too, is thin when one considers that around midnight Trump was ahead by some 700,000 votes. What happened?

I think I know, but let’s check back in on the Narrative here next weekend. Now the voice of the Narrative is saying, “Maybe be there was widespread fraud, and maybe, just maybe, it affected the outcome in some places, but it is too late now. The electors meet on December 14, and to persist with any challenge would be to disrupt the process, which is sacrosanct.” …

What now?

If Biden prevails, our electoral system will not be vindicated but violated. We’ll hear people like Chris Wallace assuring us as the inauguration unfolds that “the orderly process of the transfer of power has once again prevailed.”

Very few people who voted for Trump will believe that. It’s not just that they remember what happened in 2016 — where were the newscasters then warming each other with their bromides about the orderly transfer of power that the election of Donald Trump represented? It’s also that they know that the election of 2020 was rigged, awash in voter fraud and voter manipulation.

In 2016, the deep-state machine did not do much to rig the election because it assumed that Donald Trump could not win. Hillary was a shoo-in, so why bother?

In 2020, they knew that Trump could win, so they intervened beforehand to make sure that he wouldn’t.

I believe that is what happened, which makes all the talk about “respecting the electoral process” and the “voice of the people” ring hollow.

If the legislative and legal powers being asked to scrutinize the election acquiesce in the Narrative and reject Donald Trump, I believe that the “process” they affirm will be that process through which the election was manipulated and then stolen. It will be an affirmation of illegitimacy in the guise of principled face-saving. The real goal — unstated but omnipresent — is to make sure that no one like Donald Trump can ever again be elected. They might just succeed in that. The cost will be the further, perhaps fatal, undermining of our electoral system’s legitimacy. …

The faith in fairness has been shattered beyond recovery and the assumption of anything like a shared consensus seems more and more like a naïve pretense when it isn’t just a cynical hustings gambit.

The Democrats blew up democracy rather than tolerate the chosen champion of the “deplorable” half of their country.

Acquiesce to this and you lose forever.