Massive Civil Disobedience Coming to the USA in 2021

Massive Civil Disobedience Coming to the USA in 2021. By Roger L. Simon.

How this civil disobedience will manifest, I’m not certain, but it will come.

But don’t be alarmed … well, not overly … because the 74 million or so Trump supporters who feel disenfranchised — not only by the manipulations of the opposite party and their media friends, but also by the considerable number of self-interested leaders of their own party who have betrayed them — aren’t likely to resort to violence like the Antifa sociopaths. …

But if these same patriotic people, known as the “deplorables,” are violently opposed, all bets are off. Civil disobedience will morph into civil war.

At first, however, my guess is this new (and more genuine) “resistance” will take three forms:

  1. Mass and growing demonstrations;
  2. Non-payment of taxes, threatening to bankrupt the national treasury since most of these people are hard-working and employed;
  3. A general movement of what we might call John Galt-ism, after the character in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” Vast numbers of our citizens will simply check out and return to their own farms, or versions thereof, like the Roman emperor Cincinnatus was said to have done.

This last has the capacity to simply grind the country to a halt since many of these same “deplorables” are the plumbers, electricians, firemen, farmers, heating and cooling repairmen, construction workers, assembly line workers, police, pilots, engineers, cable guys and girls and so forth, also the businessmen and women, that make society function.

The giant corporations, even Big Tech, can’t exist without them.

Nothing happens.

So like it or not, we are living in historical times. There hasn’t been anything like this since World War II, not even the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

Every day, the already-significant mountain of witness affidavits attesting to voter fraud across the nation grows, largely ignored by politicians and completely ignored by the mainstream media. …

It’s hard to hide the truth forever, and it can emerge at the most surprising times.

And even though my childhood hero Yogi Berra may have amusingly told us, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” I unabashedly predict, as I did at the beginning, massive civil disobedience ahead.

And if that civil disobedience continues long enough, if we are steadfast, change will occur and America will once again be what it was intended to be.

Politics in the USA is now an entirely new game, now that democracy has been cancelled.