Extreme Charts

Extreme Charts, by John Rubino.

It’s one thing to hear someone claim that the world is spinning out of control. But it’s a lot more impactful to see the underlying trends laid out visually. …

The small print on this first chart is a bit hard to read, but the story is clear: [US] Government spending as a portion of GDP spiked during previous existential crises like the Civil War and World Wars I and II. But this year it rose to a level that exceeds all but one of those past calamities.

In other words, the US government is spending money like our survival is at stake, only this time the enemy is not a foreign army. It’s a disease and, crucially, our response to it. Given the number of states, cities, and industries that have been bankrupted by the lockdown, 2021 is likely to see an even bigger spike in fiscal stimulus.

The next chart, courtesy of Katusa Research, shows how all that government spending translates into currency, as the US money supply soars by  21% in a single year.

We live in interesting times. And soon it will get a lot more interesting, because a number of non-sustainable trends are going to blow up and intersect soon — including, but not limited to:

  • the growth of debt and the unsustainability of paper money (inflationary meltdown likely),
  • the West’s march leftward into woke fantasies that weaken society and roll back the scientific revolution,
  • the great realignment back towards a more feudal class structure, with the left becoming the party of big government and thus the rich,
  • the ongoing replacement of the native populations in white countries,
  • the rising tide of immutable Islam,
  • the genetic trend towards a dumber world,
  • faltering technological progress,
  • the loss of the Christian philosophy that drove the success of the West and allowed mankind to finally escape the Malthusian condition and slavery (however briefly),
  • the loss of the ocean’s fish and soil erosion over much of the land.

All of which are terribly politically incorrect to notice, of course. Fortunately global warming is not much of a problem, so don’t be distracted by horror stories about carbon dioxide.